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Every quarter, I prepare a newsletter that covers the “big ticket” items of interest to veterans and veteran-owned small businesses (VOSBs). To access a newsletter from my archives, click on a link below. If you are interested in receiving weekly updates pertinent to veteran-owned small business, sign up for my blog (this page, left). Please remember to click the link sent to your email to activate your subscription.

Winter 2015 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter__LMP_Holiday)

  • Coming Soon: The Kingdomware Decision!
  • Bid Protest Decisions That Can Save You Money
  • House Bill Shames VA For Letting Officials Keep Stolen Money
  • Three Big Changes to VetBiz Verification
  • Certain Disabilities to Be Presumed Service-Connected for Camp Lejeune Vets
  • SBA Seeks Comments on New WOSB Certification Program

October 2015 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter__LMP_Fall)

  • The VA’s special filing cabinet (and other horrors)
  • Can the VHA leadership fix a broken system?
  • False Claims suit is cautionary tale for all SDVOSBs
  • The calamity continues: what new in Colorado?
  • SBA proposes credit for lower-tier subcontracts
  • New rule authorizes WOSB sole source contacts
  • VA benefits chief resigns in wake of relocation scandal

July 2015 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter__LMP_Summer)

  • Kingdomware granted cert by the Supreme Court
  • Norfolk pastor sentenced for fraudulent submission of over 90 VA claims forms
  • The Jan Frye memorandum exposing VA illegal procurement practices (and its wide-ranging effects)
  • The VA’s $100 million bailout of a project dubbed the “biggest construction failure” in the history of the VA
  • Details on the next two VA small business conferences
  • Impressions from the National Veteran Small Business Coalition’s annual conference.
  • The resignation of Jeffrey Gault from the VA’s Center for Verification and Evaluation and the substantive changes he’s made to the VetBiz program

April 2015 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter_Spring.pdf)

  • VA Shenanigans: Public Shaming With A Purpose
  • FedBid’s Blink-And-You-Missed-It-Suspension
  • SBA Proposes Universal Mentor-Protege Program
  • SBA Rule Could Majorly Impact Small Businesses
  • The Truth About CVE Site Visits
  • VETS 15: A VOSB Conference Worth Attending

December 2014 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter Winter.pdf)

  • Bid Protests Result in VA Having No One to Run the CVE
  • Civilian Board of Contract Appeals Discovery Sanctions Reward VA for Bad Behavior
  • U.S. Court of Federal Claims Case Educates CVE On Its Own Rules
  • VA Secretary McDonald Announces Massive Health Overhaul
  • The GAO: Where Recommendations Actually Mean Something
  • Impressions from the VA’s National Veterans Small Business Engagement.

October 2014 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter__Fall)

  • VA “House Cleaning” is Light Dusting (Four Employees Proposed for Firing)
  • They Shot the Unicorn! CVE Kills Simplified Renewal (And Other Changes)
  • Govt. Report Focused On Saving Money in Paying Vets’ Claims Gets Major Heat
  • Registration Open for VA’s Annual VOSB Conference
  • VA Secretary’s 90-Day Improvement Plan Suggests Superman Complex
  • $16 Billion VA Health Care Bill to Fix Broken System

Summer 2014 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter_Summer)

  • VA to Transfer VetBiz to SBA…Eventually
  • The Rule of Two: How Much Does it Help SDVOSBs?
  • VA Wants $17.6 Billion to Fix Healthcare
  • The SBA Set-Aside Scorecard: Which Agencies Didn’t Make the Grade?
  • Atlanta Announced as VA’s 2014 National Conference Location

Spring 2014 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter_Spring)

  • Transferring VetBiz to SBA to Save $5 Million Per Year
  • Facing VetBiz Reverification? Expect a Full Document Review
  • VA Denies Deadly Wait Times in Phoenix
  • Vet with Service Dog Kicked Out of Texas Starbucks
  • VA Launches GI Bill Comparison Tool
  • Will I See You in Reno? The Annual NVSBC Conference

Holiday (Winter) 2013 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter_Holiday)

  • The Government Shutdown: Lessons Learned(?) – Lawmakers’ Attempt to Enhance Protection of VA Benefits
  • VA Errors Force More Vets Into Appeals On Disability Claims – The (Negative) Effects of the VA’s Backlog Initiative
  • VA Abruptly Cancels Contract Crucial to VetBiz Application Processing
  • Kingdomware Decision Kicked Up to Federal Circuit
  • Spotlight on Fraud: Another Rent-A-Vet
  • GAO Report Scrutinizes Qualifications of VA-Accredited Representatives
  • Piggy the Pug: I’m a Service Dog, Too!
  • Drastic House Bill Asks VA to Hand Over VetBiz Verification to the SBA

Summer 2013 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter_Summer_2013)

  • The Center for Veterans Enterprise’s new position on transfer restrictions
  • The VA’s proposed rulemaking to amend its VOSB regulations (38 CFR Part 74)
  • The brand new Stolen Valor Act and its criminal penalties for lying about military honors
  • The VA’s new initiative to expedite disability compensation claims that have been pending a year or more
  • The details of the VA’s National Veterans Small Business Conference in St. Louis

April 2013 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter_April_2013) Topics covered in the April 2013 issue include:

  • How sequestration affects the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • The VA’s new Fully Developed Claims Program (for disability compensation claims)
  • The recent Court of Federal Claims case that exposed irregularities between the VA Veterans First Program and the SBA’s SDVOSB Program
  • The vulnerability in that affects thousands of contractors
  • The recent upgrades to the Center for Veterans Enterprise’s VetBiz website

January 2013 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter_January_2013) Topics covered in the January 2013 issue include:

  • 2012 National Defense Authorization Act provisions impacting small business
  • VA’s launch of a ($3 million) contest designed to replace its outdated Medical Appointment Scheduling System
  • Recent case law developments relating to the VA’s obligation to conduct FSS set-asides for VOSBs and SDVOSBs
  • VA’s recognition of five disabilities as secondary to service-connected Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Current wait times for VetBiz Requests for Reconsideration

October 2012 Issue (VOSB_Newsletter_October_2012) Topics covered in the October 2012 issue include:

  • The amendment to the Notice of Rights language included in VetBiz denial letters
  • The skinny on the August 2012 GAO report detailing fraud and abuse in the SDVOSB program
  • VA’s recent attempts to avoid conducting SDVOSB set-asides
  • How VA verification affects more than just VA contracts
  • The new bi-annual re-verification requirement in VetBiz


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