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Client Testimonials

Kelvin Smith of KTS Solutions, Inc. (a verified SDVOSB)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I
am, you’ve been a blessing to have in my corner, and guiding me through
this most difficult process. I will certainly stay in touch for your
expertise to ensure my continued compliance, and moving KTS forward. Also,
I will spread the word for any company that’s having difficulty dealing
with this process to employ you on their team; your legal expertise and
results speaks for itself!!! You rock!!

Gabe Nix of Patriot Ventures, LLC (a verified SDVOSB) 

I had the pleasure of listening to Sarah at a National Veterans business conference and found her to be very informed on the process of CVE certification. I reached out to her after returning from the conference and was she was over the top helpful in answering my questions in non legalese. She helped walk me through the whole process and took that off my plate. Highly recommend Legal Meets Practical for any veterans having trouble with verification issues.

John and Bill Haynes of Surdyne Fire & Security, LLC (a verified SDVOSB): 

“We hired Sarah to help with our VetBiz application after we had to withdraw in the predcision process. The letter we received from CVE was about eight pages long and very intimidating – we knew we were an eligible SDVOSB, but we had trouble making heads or tails of the CVE’s detailed regulations. When Sarah came into the picture, she went right to work clearly identifying our issues (many with our corporate documents) and explaining how we should address them. When we got our approval determination shortly thereafter, we were excited but not surprised – we had absolute confidence that Sarah would lead us successfully through the process.”

Ron Nolte of Maintenance Management Services, LLC (a verified VOSB): 

“We hired Sarah after we had to withdraw our VetBiz application in the pre-decision process. We were working with a tight timeframe because a VA contract was ending and we needed to be verified to submit a bid on the recompete. Throughout our interaction with her, Sarah was patient, clear in her explanations, and empathetic to our situation. Thanks to Sarah’s work, we were verified in time to submit a bid and ended up winning the recompete and saving veteran jobs.”

AgileRank LLC (a verified SDVOSB): 

“During our search for assistance on the VetBiz process, we came across Sarah’s webinar and thought she would be a perfect fit for our small start-up. We were seeking someone who was knowledgeable of the VetBiz process, a clear communicator, and someone who could step us through the process in a practical way. Sarah was fantastic! She walked us through the VetBiz process from initial application to certified SDVOSB in less than 60 days! We could not have accomplished this in such a short period of time without her assistance. She understood the nuances of the CVE and guided us appropriately in our responses back to the CVE during the requests for information process which can be daunting. If you are seeking assistance from someone who can decipher the CVE jargon and put you on the right path to certification, do not hesitate to use Sarah’s consulting services. We are so satisfied with our results and Sarah’s outstanding professionalism, we plan to retain Sarah for assistance in other areas as we continue to build our business.”

Jeffrey Johnson and Travis Gonzales of Initio Partners, LLC  (a verified VOSB):

“We hired Sarah in April to assist with our VetBiz application and were verified by August. Previously, we had tried for almost a year to be verified, and found that without competent legal representation that understood the VetBiz process within the VA, it would be difficult if not impossible to complete the process. When Sarah took over the process, she identified the issues with our application that lead to our denials and showed us exactly how we needed to address them. She also rewrote our operating agreement in understandable English, and communicated with CVE on our behalf clearly and concisely. It was great having a lawyer who didn’t speak legalese, and the end result of a great working relationship was a verification approval letter.”

Abraham and Varughese Thomas of AmeriVet, LLC (a verified SDVOSB):

“We feel that Sarah treated us more than just clients. She focused on the particular situation that prevented us from getting our CVE certification, took the time to understand our story, and was knowledgeable enough to navigate the complex world of federal certifications. To be honest, I do not think it would have been possible for us to achieve our CVE certification without her guidance and hard work. In fact, we were so impressed with her, we decided we needed her even more as we set the foundation and expansion of our business.”

Wendy Wood of United Lab Co, LLC  (a verified SDVOSB):

“United Lab Co was a verified SDVOSB, but then the VA implemented a new process and we were required to reapply for verification. We were almost immediately denied. For nearly 2 years we struggled with the process. The requests the VA made were at best unachievable. We lost contracts and were at the point that we felt we would need to close our business. While searching for assistance on the VetBiz website, we found a listing for Sarah. She immediately sprang into action and we finally received our verification. Without competent representation that understands the CVE process and the regulations, it would be impossible to complete the process. Sarah worked every day to help us achieve our goals. She corrected our operating agreement and communicated with CVE in a professional manner. Do NOT attempt this process without Sarah’s assistance. She will insure that all bases are covered and that your business has caring and professional representation. ”

Len & Alice Hawrilenko of PatriotVetIT, LLC (a verified SDVOSB):

“On January 10, 2014 our company received its official verification from the Center for Veteran’s Enterprise (CVE). It almost didn’t happen. Our company has been part of the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Community since its inception. In April of 2013 we began the verification process. We uploaded all the required documentation and were confident that the process would move along smoothly. It didn’t. Our first application was denied in July of 2013.

“We applied for reconsideration immediately. In our request we unknowingly used a term that is legally loaded. Because we used that term, we were once again denied. As it turns out, we legally could not prove that we met the requirements of that term.

“A friend referred us to Sarah. She found a number of problems with our package as submitted, any one of which could have resulted in a denial on technical issues (some of which hadn’t been caught the first time). Sarah went to work bringing our agreements into strict conformance with the law. She also found a different approach to proving our company’s eligibility. It was creative, and we were comfortable with it because she explained everything each step of the way. When she submitted the package, it was denied because CVE clearly did not read it – it stamped “deny” when it saw that we did not attempt to prove something we could not legally prove. Sarah moved heaven and earth to have our request for reconsideration re-reviewed by CVE (by someone who would actually read the documentation submitted). When they did, we were granted verification and we kept our biggest contract. She saved our business.

“We would recommend that every legitimate Service Disabled Veteran Business owner contact Sarah for assistance. Denial on a technicality is too common and such denials can be avoided with the help of an experienced attorney who knows the law under which we operate.”

Jon Marler of Midwest Distribution, LLC (A verified VOSB):

“As a Verified VOSB, I made contact with Sarah Schauerte to represent our company in our reverification, which ended up being more like an initial application given the extent of documentation required by the CVE. Sarah is an attorney with vast experience in Veteran issues and the entire verification process.  I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, responsive to my issues and questions in a timely manner and detailed in her explanations.  She is a dedicated practitioner with a strong focus on assisting veterans. Sarah is committed to insuring all the legal aspects of interacting and communicating with the federal government and the VA in particular are completed and in compliance with my best interest at the forefront.  A great caring professional who I value as our counsel and friend!”


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