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VetBiz Applications: Submit by May 21 or Lose 30 Days

If you are procrastinating in applying for verification or re-verification with the VA’s Vendor Information Program (i.e., VetBiz), spend the next week getting your documents together and hitting “submit!” On May 21, the VA is suspending the ability to submit any new applications or re-verification applications for 30 days, in order to facilitate the transition to a new case VIP interface.

In a notice sent out just today, the VA’s Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) is citing a number of changes made during this shutdown. However, if you take a look at their list, is the 30-day wait worth it?

  • First, the VA is creating a new “single sign-on login process,” which comes with a different process for veterans versus non-veterans/representatives. However, no information has been provided as to how this sign-in process is an improvement over the old. (As for me, I never had an issue with signing on. It was frustrating to re-set my password every 90 days and adhere to the strange password requirements, but there’s no indication that different password requirements come with the change).
  • Second, validation is now automatic when you enter your DUNS number. It appears that your DUNS number has to be right to sync with and give you access to the VetBiz portal. The VA claims this “eliminates Veteran frustration when submitting applications with incorrect DUNS or incomplete SAM registration.” However, how often would this issue really arise? Most folks know how to enter a DUNS number, and to already be in when applying for VetBiz registration.
  • Third, and most substantively, the VA cites changes to the “dashboard capabilities and enhanced Veteran process enhancement,” providing a list of changes in its May 14, 2018 notice that went out to all veterans in the VetBiz system. However, some of these likely won’t make a difference. It will be “easier to upload individual taxes,” but the process now is basically the same as uploading an attachment to an email (requiring two clicks of the mouse). Same thing with uploading resumes. It will, however, be nice to be able to automatically request ten-day extensions for most document requests and to submit and track the status of Help Tickets, so that’s definitely an improvement.

What do you think? If you’ve been through the VetBiz process and someone had asked you how to make the process easier from a technical standpoint, what would you have changed? (I for one would have permitted the deletion of irrelevant or duplicative documents – unfortunately, once you hit “submit,” whatever is in your portal stays in forever!).

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3 Responses to “VetBiz Applications: Submit by May 21 or Lose 30 Days”

  1. The DS Logon which the new system will use does give access to additional VA and DOD systems. You will get more practice maintaining passwords as it needs to be changed every 60 days.

  2. Thank you for your continual updates on all this complicated stuff!!

  3. Thank you for reducing all the legal phrases and unfamiliar language to a readable and easy to understand article.

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